Track record

Fox en Suurenbroek is strong in the field of tax law and finance. We work for Dutch clients and for internationals (both individuals and companies). Below you will find a number of recent assignments.

  • Expats

    Advice and guidance on the 30% ruling. We also advise incoming employees on their tax and social security position in the Netherlands and assist them with their registration in the Netherlands. We take care of the Dutch income tax returns and – if necessary – supervise the returns in the country of origin.

  • Innovation

    We assist companies in applying for the R&D tax credit (‘WBSO’). In addition, we have negotiated with the Tax and Customs Administration about the application of the innovation box. This has led to considerable tax savings for these companies.

  • Standing rights

    With effect from 2014, it is no longer be possible to transfer the severance pay to a standing right company. The settlement of old standing right obligations requires special attention. We have a great deal of experience in coordinating a deficit in a standing right company with the Tax and Customs Administration and advising on the settlement of a standing right.

  • Law firms

    For a number of well-known small and medium-sized law firms, we take care of the annual accounts and advise them on tax matters. We are also involved in their clients’ tax issues.

  • M&A

    We have assisted a client in the purchase of a chocolate factory located in the southwest of the Netherlands. An important part of the acquisition process was the negotiation with the selling party.

    We have assisted the leading -and award winning- market party in the Netherlands in the field of mobile advertising and content marketing in their take-over by a large Dutch media company.

    We have assisted a public affairs and lobbying agency in The Hague, specialised in influencing policy and strategic communication, in a management buy-in transaction.

  • International

    For a listed Canadian silver mine, our firm is the first point of contact in the Netherlands. For a number of other international companies, we take care of the (wage) administration. We also provide them with legal support.

    For an American listed company in the field of high-quality electronic components, our office is the first point of contact in the Netherlands. We offer them financial and legal support.

    For the Dutch branch of a Canadian online company in the field of access control, we take care of the annual accounts and provide tax advice.

  • Film investment funds

    We have advised on the tax-legal set-up of various film investment funds. The tax consequences for the participants in these film investment funds have been agreed with the Tax and Customs Administration on a national level.

  • Public Benefit Organisations

    We advise and assist institutions in obtaining and maintaining the (cultural) Public Benefit Organisation status (‘ANBI’).

  • Immigration and emigration

    For the director/major shareholder of a travel agency specialising in the Central American market, we supervised immigration to the Netherlands and successfully coordinated the step-up of his shareholdings with the Tax and Customs Administration.

  • Real Estate

    We have advised several real estate transactions in the field of VAT and transfer tax. These include not only purchase and sale transactions, but also the transition from an office to a residential destination. Some of the projects in which we have been involved include the sale of a former monastery in Maastricht, the sale of a large student complex in the south of the country and the sale of two office buildings on the Zuidas.

  • Design

    For a leading designer of denim products, we did the contract negotiations with a major international denim brand based in Amsterdam.

  • Savings vehicles

    For a large number of clients, we have advised on setting up a savings vehicle, like a Dutch BV or mutual fund. We take care of the entire process, including the coordination with the Tax and Customs Administration.

  • Employee Benefit Schemes

    We have assisted clients in setting up employee benefit schemes. In addition to advising on the tax and civil-law consequences, we also lay down the contractual details, whether or not in cooperation with the civil-law notary.

  • Mediation

    Relationships and marriages can end prematurely. We have helped several clients with the legal and financial settlement of their common estate. For us, the guiding principle is the reasonableness of the agreements made between us.