Our international service provision is unlimited. From a single application, for example the attractive 30% facility, to complete tax law service provision in the Netherlands. You will be choosing a global partner with Fox en Suurenbroek.

Dutch tax law has cost-effective schemes, which you can make use of as an international (individually or on a commercial basis).

salary split / living abroad / immigration or emigration / double taxation / 30% facility for expats

We are happy to help you determine which rules and schemes are applicable to you. Where necessary, we will submit the application and/or documents to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. You can call your fixed contact person during the entire process if you have questions.

On a commercial basis
restructuring / corporate income tax / payroll administration / turnover tax

Based on our expertise, we are critical down to the details, so that you don’t pay more tax than necessary. In addition, we have helped many international clients with our additional services. Setting up your payroll administration, for example, checking whether employees are liable for tax or assisting with a restructuring.

We will quickly ensure that Dutch rules, laws and processes become familiar terrain.